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Residents Handbook

This website advises you what we expect from you and what standards of service you will get from us. It contains all the information that will help you as a resident.


Health and Safety Guide

Download our useful guide on health and safety issues including damp, asbestos and fire safety


Your Voice, Your Choice

Telling us what you think enables us to make changes to the services you receive, to make them better for you, and more suited to what you need. We know that the only way to find out if we're doing a good job, is to ask you, our customers


Colne Customer Commitment

As a Customer of Colne you can expect to receive the very highest levels of customer service. This is our commitment to you


Guide to your Rent

All social landlords (councils and housing associations) must use the same method for working out rents. This is called rent restructuring. The aim is that, by 2012, all residents of councils or housing associations should have their rent set in the same way.


Guide to Ways to Pay

This leaflet outlines all the different ways you can pay your rent. We hope by offering these various methods it will allow our residents to choose the method that suits them. Each way of paying is explained in this leaflet.


Mutual Exchanges

Does your current property no longer suit your requirements? Are you looking to move to a different area? If the answer is yes, then a mutual exchange with another Colne resident, a different housing association or a council tenant might be the answer you are looking for.


A Guide to Housing Transfer

This guide will tell you who is eligible to join the housing transfer list, how Colne decides who gets priority for housing offers and what to do if you think your application has been treated unfairly.

Managing your Neighbourhood

We will maintain your neighbourhood with a consistent approach, providing grounds maintenance, communal area cleaning, refuse collection and planned improvements to our estates.


Making a Complaint

Colne aims to provide you with excellent customer service at all times, so we need you to tell us if we make a mistake. This leaflet explains how you can make a complaint, and how Colne will treat your complaint to ensure that you are fully satisfied.


Your New Home

This leaflet describes the type of condition you should expect to find your new home in when you move in. Colne will ensure that your property is structurally safe, free from serious disrepair and damp.


Using your Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

If your home has an air source heat pump installed, this guide will tell you how the system operates and how to use it