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On 1 July 2020, we merged with Greenfields Community Housing to form Eastlight Community Homes. Click here for the latest information on Covid-19 service changes.

Resident Scrutiny Team

Our Resident Scrutiny Team 

We have residents who sit on a Resident Scrutiny Team. They lead independent resident-led monitoring at Colne and are integral in improving and influencing our services. The hard work the team has put in to helping us improve has been well received at Colne and we look forward to developing this team in the future.

The team:

  • Review customer satisfaction
  • Improve services
  • Influence communication

Members get relevant training and are able to use the experience to strengthen their CV and job prospects.

Team improves Anti-social Behaviour Service

The team's first review, carried out in 2017, focused on the service Colne provides to people affected by anti-social behaviour (ASB) in their neighbourhoods. 

They checked our service against Consumer Standards and researched how other organisations approached the issue. 

Their findings, which were approved by Colne's Board, have led to these improvements:

  • A new, specialist ASB team at Colne
  • A revised Colne policy and procedure which details how we should deliver the service
  • Better information for residents on how to report issues
  • Refresher training for our teams