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Selling Your Home

Shared Ownership leases

Depending on the situation, shared owners may be able to buy further shares or even 100% of their property by “staircasing”. Alternatively a shared owner may sell their existing share in their property. The lease usually states that Colne must be consulted and be given the opportunity to offer the property to a purchaser of its choice.

If you wish to sell your home, or you would like more information on how to sell, please download the documents below.

Selling your home information sheet

Notification of intention to sell your home form

Other leaseholders

Colne also becomes involved when leaseholders sell their homes. Generally this just involves providing information about service charges and maintenance work to the new purchasers. For our retirement leasehold schemes, we check that the potential purchaser complies with the terms of the lease (i.e. is aged 55 years or over).

For further information please contact sales@colnehousing.co.uk.

For full property details, please visit www.helptobuy.co.uk