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Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a purchaser of a leasehold property it is in your own interest to understand the legal framework of leasehold ownership. This section is an introduction but it is not a substitute for reading your lease or for obtaining legal advice.

Your rights as a leaseholder

Your rights are explained in your lease. They will vary slightly between different developments but first and foremost you have the right of peaceful occupation of your property for the term of the lease. In addition you have right of access to common parts of the building and grounds.

You have the right to sell your property, although some developments have restrictions on the amount you can ask and who you can sell to. If you are in doubt please contact leaseholders@colnehousing.co.uk.

You also have the right to be consulted about certain decisions that Colne makes, particularly about repairs and maintenance.

Colne's responsibilities

Colne is transparent about how we meet our responsibilities to leaseholders under the terms of their lease agreement. We aim to provide a good standard of service relating to the management and maintenance of their homes.

To view our Leasehold Management Policy click here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Your responsibilities as a leaseholder

As a leaseholder you have a responsibility to pay your share of the costs associated with maintaining your property and common parts. This is usually through payment of the service charge. As with any other type of property ownership you have a responsibility to act with consideration towards your neighbours.

We will try to help if a neighbour causes a nuisance to you. You are responsible for the decoration inside your property. More details and other responsibilities will be listed in your lease.

Failure to fulfil your responsibilities as a leaseholder could result in legal action being taken against you by Colne.

Our rights as a landlord

We have the right to make decisions about how we manage your development, including the repair and maintenance of it.

We also have the right to charge you for the cost of managing your development, including maintenance and repairs. Colne has the right of entry to your property in certain circumstances. These include carrying out emergency repairs that threaten another property; for example, if a leak in your property was flooding another.

Or if we fear for your health and safety, the Leasehold Scheme Officer may enter.

Our responsibilities as a landlord

Colne must keep your property and the common parts in good repair and in a reasonable state of decoration. The exact responsibilities will vary between different developments and will be listed in your lease. We also have a responsibility to collect the service charge and other fees due to us.

We also have a responsibility to consult with you about repairs and maintenance to your development.

These rights and responsibilities are set in law and must be upheld by all leaseholders and all landlords. Colne can provide information upon request.