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Christmas Opening Times

Have a say on cleaning.

Has the repairs service improved for you?

We have recently improved the way you contact us
about repairs.


When you call our switchboard there is now an option to
press 2 to go straight through to Fosters, our contractors,
and book an appointment.


Let us know what you think.

Have a say on cleaning.

Free training and help to find work

If you’re looking for a job there’s a good chance
that we can help. We’ve worked hard with
Qube Learning to offer an impressive range of courses,
work placements and paid apprenticeships.


Whatever your age, background and skills level
there’ll be something to suit if you’re currently
unemployed and in receipt of benefits.


Drop in to our Kick Start hub in Colchester
town centre or find out more here.

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Meet Helen who oversees Customer Services

Helen Gregory is Colne’s new Operations Director.
She is in charge of providing the best homes and
services we can for you.


She is passionate about involving our customers
and welcomes your view on our service reviews.



Have a say on cleaning.

Rent difficulties at Christmas?

In the flurry of Christmas shopping please do
not forget to pay your rent. If you do,
your home could be at risk.
Please do contact us if you are
experiencing money difficulties.


Independent advice is also available from
Step Change Debt Charity at or by
calling 0800 138 1111.

What's in a name?

Can you help us come up with a new street name for our 21 new homes in Braintree?
Submit your entry by December 16. Learn more here.


Has the Benefit Cap affected you?

If so we can help!


The cap restricts the amount of benefit a working age household
can receive. Any household receiving more than the capped amount will
have their Housing Benefit reduced to bring them within the limit.


It was introduced in Essex in November. Our Income Management Team
can offer expert advice and support.


To work out how much your benefits may be affected, please use the benefit cap calculator.
For more information click here

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